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AutoBuff Elite Microfibre Towels 40x40cm Blue 3 Pack

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AutoBuff Elite Microfibre Detailing Towels with Absorbent Banding are the workhorse for car care. It is by far the number one selling auto detailing towel.

These specially constructed microfibre towels were designed to gently buff off liquid waxes, paste waxes, compounds, polishes and sealants without instilling swirl marks or leaving pesky lint behind. The 75/25 blend of polyester and polyamide is the perfect balance of plushness and tightly knit design, making the towel perfect for buffing off stubborn compounds and polishes.

The silk banding around the towel is absorbent as well, increasing the towel's ability to evenly distribute quick detail sprays and spray waxes without creating streaks.  


Size:40cm x 40cm (16" x 16")
Fabric Weight: 360GSM
Towel Weight: 57 Grams
Fabric Blend: 75% Polyester and 25% Polyamide - 100% Split Microfibre
Edge: Absorbent Banding
Sides: Dual sided Plush & Woven
Label: Removable Sticker 
Country of Origin: Made in China